So how much will it cost?

There are too much details that count, such as design, required functionality and business goals, to provide a rock-solid answer to this question. 
Each project is estimated individually after discussing requirements, project scope and design. 

You can take a look below on our average project costs, to have a rough idea of our pricing.

'Starting small' project:
A great way to start your e-commerce store or test new products/ideas. It packs everything needed and utilises core Shopify functionality at it's best!
You get all the goodies a modern ecommerce store needs and your Shopify theme is delivered already within a 1-2 months from start of development!

Starting at 9 500 euros.

'The nice & easy' project:
Store design/UX is not hard to implement
Simple business logic integration (product availability, badges, product data model is flexible for adjustments from clients side)

Includes some of the following features:
Basic custom search integration (Algolia or other engine)
Basic customisations to account pages
Multiple app integrations
Product colour grouping
Shopify filtering adjustments (colors, etc)
Ajax cart

Starting at 18 000 euros.

'Advanced' project:

Store design/UX is hard to implement
Complex business logic integration (product availability, badges or product data model is not flexible for adjustments from clients side)

Includes some of the following features:
Complex custom search integration (Algolia or other engine)
Complex customisations to account pages
Business logic solving with Shopify Flow
Checkout extensions
Custom product promotions (free items, gifts, buy x get y, x product over y ammount, etc)

Starting at 30 000 euros.

'We will geek out' project:
As much as we love building 'easy' projects and having a stress free time, o boy do we love build complex projects on Shopify.
We have an extensive experience ranging from custom Algolia integrations & advanced Shopify account pages to complex Shopify apps and custom Shopify product promotions. Let us know your requirements and we will let you know if we can build it!

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